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The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat is an adventure story involving a gang of four children: Elké, Rebecca, Biffer and Skin. These four children become known as 'The Buccaneers'. This adventure will, hopefully, be the first of many.

In this adventure, the gang of four and their dog, 'Aitch', pit their wits against a master criminal called 'Fat Cat'.

The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat.

This is how the first Buccaneers adventure begins.

Elké clung to the chain link fence that separated her from the port of Saint Malo, France and gazed up at the large floodlit Brittany Ferry. This ship would, hopefully, carry her to the coast of England.  But how to stow aboard?

The Girls bright green eyes studied the now inactive crane that had been loading cargo late into the night. High up, a thick cable from the outermost rigging had been pulled back and tethered to the criss-crossed steel upright.

"It might be just possible," thought Elké.

The darkened dockyard was now void of human activity, for the Dockers had finished their work ready for the early morning sailing.

Inside the compound, two large Alsatian dogs skirted the concrete bonded warehouse to the left and sniffed the air.  Elké's scent had carried to them on the warm evening breeze.  The dogs broke into a run towards the young girl at the perimeter fence, barking fiercely.

Elké seemed unworried at the fast approaching danger.  She was born and raised in a circus and had become the star pupil of Rossano the famous tiger trainer.

At last the young girl turned her attention to the snarling dogs, that were now only twenty metres away.  She casually put her tongue to the roof of her mouth and produced a piercing whistle, too high for the human ear to detect.  The effect on the two fierce animals, however, was startling.  They immediately dropped to the ground, whimpering quietly.

Elké smiled to herself and glanced at her watch.  Eleven thirty. She tightened the small pack strapped to her back and easily scaled the fence, dropping lightly on the other side. The two large dogs continued to hug the tarmac as she approached.  Kneeling down, Elké vigorously ruffled the thick fur at the base of their necks.

"My, you're a couple of beauties," she purred. "Come on, let's go for a little walk."

The two wolf like creatures obediently followed Elké to the base of the giant crane.

She turned and gave them each a final pat. "This is where I must take my leave."

The young teenager began to climb the huge crane. She pulled herself up by the massive girders and used the numerous hexagon bolt heads as footholds. Soon the girl found herself high above the ground, and level with the top deck of the magnificent commodore class ferry in the distance.

"That cable should be somewhere about here," muttered Elké.

She glanced up and could just make out, in the darkness, a mass of cargo netting neatly wrapped into a bundle and hooked to the upright of the crane.  A few moments later, the plucky youngster was astride the netting and clutching at the steel cable that disappeared off up into the night.

Elké looked across to the great ship and suddenly felt dizzy.  Only three weeks had passed since her mother had been killed attempting a spectacular acrobatic feat on the high trapeze.

She wiped the tears from her eyes.  "Papa, will you ever realize how hard I am trying to reach you."

Elké unhooked the cable from its mooring and began the long swing towards the ferry ship.  The wind tore at her face and eyes.  Excitement mounted in her chest.  Down, down, down to the nadir.  Then up, up, up.  The topmost deck rushed towards her. Excitement changed to fear when she realized the bundle beneath her feet would not clear the railing.  Elké's grip on the cable was torn free by the impact.  She flew over the railing and landed with a sickening thud on the deck.

The daring girl lay still, winded but conscious.  Slowly she moved each limb in turn.  Only a dull pain throbbed in her hip.  She gingerly got to her feet and limped along the deserted deck.

"Now to find somewhere to hide until the morning."

A number of large lifeboats slung over the side caught her attention.  Elké grimaced from the pain in her side as she clambered on top of the nearest lifeboat, lifted up the tarpaulin cover and scrambled in.  She slipped off her backpack and searched for her torch.

Inside, the lifeboat was amazingly spacious.  Wooden benches run along each side, and at the back where she now stood.  Underneath these were cupboards clearly labelled: emergency food, lifebelts, water, warm clothing, etc…

Above Elké's head, the tarpaulin was stretched tight to form a perfect slanting roof. She quickly unrolled her sleeping bag and laid it on the nearest wooden bench.  After slipping off her shoes, Elké crawled, fully clothed, inside the fleecy lining.  Soon she was fast asleep. The journey from her native Austria had taken four long, arduous days.

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